BEEF: Ebony's father releases list of expenses Bullet made after Ebony's concert!!!

The media tussle between Ebony's father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng, and her manager, Bullet, continues unabated

- Nana Kwarteng has released a document which suggests that Bullet used close to 90% of the money accrued from Ebony's concert for its organisation
- The document revealed that over GHC 18,000 was paid to artistes even though it had been announced that all artistes would be performing for free
The two most important men in the life of the late Ebony Reigns, her manager, Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet and her father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng, have been at the throat of each other within the week.
Nana Kwarteng's Bullet, as earlier reported by, had called Bullet a thief for only giving him GHC2,000 out of nearly GHC40,000 of profit made from Ebony’s Memorial Concert held earlier this year.
Nana Kwarteng who said he got wind of Bullet received expressed his disappointment that Bullet only handed him GHC 2,000.
According to him, he was only expecting Bullet to be honest in accounting to him, and it is not as if he Kwarteng want to make money off his daughter’s death because he had his own money.
But Bullet struck back and called Nana Kwarteng’s a greedy man for wanting everything for himself.
In a Facebook post sighted by, explained that not all the money an artiste makes from a show belongs to the artiste. Bullet added that management also has a percentage because they care and provide for the artiste in terms of costume, branding, promotion, videos, and many others. Not long after this post, Bullet posted a press statement announcing that his outfit had left all the unreleased tracks of Ebony to the family and severed all ties with him. 

Accompanying the press release was another lengthy post which listed monies Bullet claims Ebony's father has received since the death of the Dancehall star. But the latest development is that Bullet indeed received GHC 39,268 from the said concert but declared a profit of less than GHC 5,000 after claiming to have spent GHC 34,600 on the concert. According to a document presented by Nana Kwarteng on GH One TV's Rhythmz Live on Wednesday, which he claims was from Bullet, the expenses included monies paid for security, MCs, and ushers. Interestingly, the chunk of the money (GHC 18,200), per what is on the document, was spent on payment for artistes.
This raised eyebrows as it was publicly known that artistes were to perform for free at the concert.

Show host, Regina Van Helvert went ahead to call Captain Planet, Keche, and Kurl Songx, whose names had appeared on the list artistes who had been paid to perform and they all denied taking any such monies.
In the case of Captain Planet, he revealed that he fell sick at the backstage and could not even perform and thus could not have taken money for that.
Ebony, before her unfortunate demise in February this year, was under the management of RuffTown Records owned by Bullet. 
Within two years, she had taken over the music industry and her success was tied to Bullet. Unfortunately after her death, her father, Nana Kwarteng, has levelled all kinds of accusations and allegations against Bullet. 
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