FINALLY: Bullet Responds to Allegations Made by Ebony’s father Concerning Her Tribute Concert!!!

CEO of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang, aka Bullet has responded to various allegations levelled against him by the late Ebony’s dad.
It all started again after four months of both parties being silent over monetary issues concerning proceedings from Ebony’s funeral and the cause of her death and the threats even before she passed away.

On Saturday, 11th August 2018, Nana Opoku Kwarteng on Adom FM’s entertainment show revealed that he only received GHC2,000 out of the GHC39,999 Bullet profited from her tribute concert.
This infuriated Bullet to disassociate his label from all unreleased recordings of the late dancehall diva and gave everything to her father who in the public eye was termed as a ‘greedy’ man.
Barely days after Bullet’s statement, Nana Opoku Kwarteng went on Tv3 and GhOne to reveal a paper alleging to be the list of the breakdown of monies paid to artists who performed at Ebony’s tribute concert on the eve of her funeral given to him by Bullet.

On the sheet, Bullet had written to inform him that artistes including Edem, Keche, Ras Kuuku, Captain Planet, Coded, R2Bees and Rachel all received monies for performing at the tribute held in honour of the singer who died in an accident on February 8 2018.
How much each artiste allegedly received, according to what was on the paper;
Edem – GHC 3000
Keche – GH 3000
Raskuku – GHC 1500
Captain Planet – GHC 2,000
Coded – GHC 1000
R2bees – GHC 3,000
Rachel – GHC 1000
Artistes including Coded, Keche, Kurl Songx and Captain Planet have in separate statements denied receiving any monies from Bullet to perform at the concert; a move which has caused mixed reactions among music enthusiasts and Ghanaians in general.
According to father of late dancehall sensation Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng whose stage name was Ebony ReignsNana Opoku Kwarteng, the former manager of her daughter Bullet went to the mortuary where she was kept after her accident at 2 am for them to allow him to see the corpse of the late artiste something he finds suspicious.

In another allegation,  Nana Opoku Kwarteng stated his daughter suffered unprinted verbal abuse at the hands of her manager Bullet throughout the course of her time working with him.
According to him, words used by Bullet to describe his daughter was so abusivethat it would be shocking for Ghanaians to hear.
In all these have the media and the general public requested to hear Bullet’s side of the story, though, leaked chat between him and Edem clearly showed that Bullet denied all the allegations, claiming that his handwriting is different from what is seen on the paper and that every expense made by him bears their label’s logo and it’s always well-typed.
Well, in a Facebook post, Bullet who is out of the country now have responded to the allegations stating that he will grant interviews when he arrives in the country in a few days to come. He also revealed that he has mansions of secrets to reveal about Ebony’s dad and that Ghanaians should be patient.
“I have observed with keen interest the interviews being granted by the father of the late Ebony concerning her daughter’s time with Ruff Town Records whilst she was alive. I have also received scads of messages from the media asking me about my side of the story. The first thing I read from the media’s messages to me before asking for my side is, “calls are not coming through.” This is because I am currently not in Ghana. For such heavy, uninformed and blatant lies peddled by the father of my beloved late Artiste, I am ready to also respond and tell my side of the story. I would be in Ghana in few days and I am ever ready for media interviews on it. I have a mansion full of deep things to reveal.i mean deep deep things.Thank you and God bless you
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