Kuami Eugene Praises Himself Over His Dressing in latest photo

Kuami Eugene is spotted wearing a long-sleeve shirt designed with flowers over a pair of black trousers.
He also wears a ‘fashionista’ hairstyle and eye glasses to complete his looks. 
Kuami Eugene indeed looks good in this photo, no wonder he aptly captioned in “classico” apparently praising himself.
The ‘Angela’ hitmaker has every right to praise himself in this photo because he has been a subject of ridicule for his dressing recently.
On one occasion, fans blasted him for dressing poorly and on another occasion, he was mocked for allegedly dressing like a secondary school boy instead of the ‘Rockstar’ he is.
Interestingly, while some of his fans believe Kuami Eugene has upped his game and was really looking good, some fans disagree and have slammed him over his dressing again. 

Frank simply commented that Kuami looked good.
frankaddae456: “Nice bro you look good.”
Ewurama believed Kuami Eugene must stick to this style of dressing.
ewurama_mcaddy“Nyc nyc dis hw u have 2 be dressing ❤️.”
Ayisha had her own explanation of the photo.

ayishaabdullai: “U look very hot��.”
Agyeiwaa also applauded Kuami Eugene.
agyeiwaahnana“U are changing for the better Kwame. ##Tank god for ur life.”
Milly believes Kuami Eugene’s stylist is doing well for him.
millys_vibrant_creations“I see ur stylist has started working. Kudos.”

However, other fans had their own misgivings about Kuami Eugene’s dressing.
Whitman claims his trousers were too long for him.
underwood.whiteman“Oooh you again. Why your trousers long saaa. Wei di33 bhard bhard bhard.”
Kanyee believes Kuami Eugene still needs training in dress and grooming.
kanyee_onath“Chaley you erh you need a lot of training ah what’s this.”

Kuami Eugene seems to be in the news for mainly controversial reasons.
Kuami Eugene after the many reports by YEN.com.gh concerning what fans were saying about his dressing was rumoured to have gotten himself a stylist.

Source: Yen.com.gh 
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