Lawyer Maurice Ampaw Fires Bullet!!!

Outspoken Law practitioner, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has joined the Starboy Kwarteng vs Bullet brouhaha, revealing that he is disappointed in the artiste manager.
According to the Lawyer, though he shares the sentiments of the CEO of Rufftown records who is also the manager of the late Ebony Reigns, he is however disappointed in him.
He argued that Bullet has from all indications recovered from Ebony’s loss whilst the father of Ebony from all indications, hasn’t recovered from his daughter’s loss.
Ebony was so dear to his father and a mineral to Mr Opoku Kwarteng who had to lose his queen to an accident. Ebony on the other hand, though not blood related, was the best artiste Bullet has ever managed, from her brand to her style and stage craft.
In an interview with Mike Two host of Adom Entertainment hall, the Lawyer expressed his disappointment in Bullet as he addressed the issue that has been the talk of Gh.
“I am disappointed in Bullet. Emotionally from all indications, Bullet has recovered from what happened to Ebony, but emotionally, Ebony’s father hasn’t recovered. I have had countless conversations with the man, and you can see he hasn’t recovered from his daughter’s loss and is still mourning the daughter”, he said.
“Age is also cashing in on the man and he is getting older. Between Bullet and Ebony’s dad, Ebony’s dad likes Ebony the most since she was everything to the man. Bullet is just a stranger and a manager”, he added.
According to Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, Bullet should have been patient when the man (Starboy Kwarteng) shared his grievances on air. In addition to that he narrated that Bullet feels he made Ebony, hence Ebony owes him the accolade for making her who she is hence has the right to address Ebony’s issues however he wants but has failed to recognize that Ebony’s father gave birth to, and is the biological father of the female artiste.
He advised that Bullet should have confronted Mr Opoku Kwarteng in an amicable manner rather than making this a media war.
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