KK Fosu reveals why he performed at Obinim’s church!!!

Ghanaian highlife musician, KK Fosu has revealed why he sang at Bishop Daniel Obinim’s church in a video that went viral.
Narrating his reason, KK said the congregation were very elated to see him perform, adding that his intention was not to perform in the church but Obinim urged him to do so.
KK Fosu told SVTV that: ‘’I went to have a conversation with Pastor Obinim but the time I met him was when he was going to preach at the church, hence I opted to follow him to the auditorium.”
“Immediately we entered, he told me to go and sit with the musicians and I did as instructed’’. ‘’Why did he tell me to sit with the musicians rather than sit in the main congregation. That means, perhaps, God wanted me to sing for him. In the course of his preaching, he called me to come and sing, I started with Gospel and later switched to my own songs’’.
KK Fosu, however, apologised to Ghanaians who thought he had disrespected God by turning the Church’s atmosphere upside down.
‘’Anyways, I apologize to all Christians, what I did was not in any way to denigrate God. I know it is their hope and prayer that I become one of them. The fact that we sing high life does not make us sinners, I go to church also’’.
KK also emphasized the fact that, the church members were happy to hear him sing his highlife songs, hence Ghanaians must stop being judgmental.
‘’When I was singing, I saw so many things in the church, and I know they were very happy to see me…”

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