Kwaw Kese Exposes One Big Boob Over Shatta Wale fake $1million dollar mansion!!!

Now the beef between Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese continue to get hotter and interesting, Shatta Wale released a series of conversations he had with Kwaw Kese way back 2013 over who’s popular.
Well, Kwaw Kese has also shared screenshots of chats he had with Shatta Wale in 2017 when Shatta Wale claimed he bought a 1 Million Dollar Mansion.
From the chats, one can see that Shatta’s claim of buying a million dollar mansion was all false.
So Shatta Wale contacted Kwaw Kese ‘begging’ him for a collabo so that he (Shatta) can swerve the public disgrace that his mansion wasn’t actually a million dollar as he claimed after Kwaw knew and had come out to expose him.
So that was how Shatta and Kwaw collaborated on their hit single ‘Allo’.
After Shatta Wale bragging that he gave a free hit song to Kwaw, Kwaw who feels it isn’t true but rather he[Shatta] begged him for the collabo has released the chat which clearly shows Shatta Wale contacted Kwaw to cover his lies to avoid public disgrace. Woow!
“Any Ghanaian musician who claims he has a one million dollar house or mansion is a liar. If I buy a house worth that amount, the person I bought it from is there to confirm or deny it. I have a mansion and I can tell you what a one million dollar mansion looks like”,Kwaw said.
According to Kwaw, most of his colleagues lie for fame but he will not tow that line indicating that most of them just want to lie to climb to fame.
“I think if people are lying to hype themselves there should be somebody who will also be there to speak the truth and that is me.”
“It is a practice the world over…..artistes pretend to be what they are not”, he said.
“I have my workers working on my $2.5 million and know what I am talking about. I built my mum’s house in Swedru, I have built a mansion and building another. From the look of their houses it does not look like $1 million.”
“If you don’t understand you can go and swim in the sea”, he added.
Below was the chat Kwaw Kese shared on his Twitter handle:
“So in 2017, you called me after you lied that you bought a million dollar mansion.”
“You beg me to do a song with you so we can swerve the issue and make money.”
“After the song, you refused to shoot the video. Today u telling the world u gave me a hit ???”
“Who’s song is it?”

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