Captain Quainoo Solomon Shared his life Story as tears flows like water!!! has sighted a video of the first Ghanaian pilot to fly the biggest plane, Captain Solomon Quainoo shedding tears in a live radio interview.
According to the captain, his dream to become a world-class pilot was further made possible by Jerry John Owu; his father in school(Koforidua Sec Tech) at the time and Nicholas Sarpong but unfortunately John Owu has passed away not seeing the dream come true; making him shed tears in the studios of Peace Fm.
According to him, he wouldn’t have been where he is if not for the support and prayers of these two people. In his narration, friends mocked him upon sharing his dream of wanting to become a pilot because of the poverty-stricken family he came from.
Further narrating, he stated that he applied to attend school and passed all the entrance exam but was sick when admission was due and that made him stay home but for his friend Omare Koranteng, he got enrolled into the University of Ghana, Legon.
But before all these dreams came through he had to resolve to work as a construction labourer, cleaner and food service delivery to survive to achieve his dream.
He further stated that he never dreamt of flying the biggest aeroplane in the world to Ghana making him shed tears when he landed the Emirates A380 plane on the tarmac of that Terminal 3 of Kotoka International Airport.
Captain Solomon Quainoo became the first pilot to successfully land the biggest passenger aircraft at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana.
Captain Quainoo is an airline pilot and captain with over 10,000 flying hours and has worked for respected international airlines.
A holder of a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Physics and Geology from the University of Ghana, Quainoo proceeded to Kingston University in London for a Master of Engineering degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
The aircraft, operating as EK 787, had onboard top-level delegation led by Orhan Abbas, Emirates’ Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Africa, H.E. Ahmed Ramadan, Ambassador of Ghana to the U.A.E, Simon Atieku, Vice Council of Ghana (Dubai & N.E), Consulate General of Ghana, Akwasi Abayie Adomako, Minister – Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission Ghana, Hesham Abdulla Qassim Al Qassim, CEO – Wasl Group & Vice Chairman ENBD, Vinay Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer, VFS, Lt. Col. Ibrahim Hamad Ibrahim Abdalla Al Maazmi, Dept. of Naturalisation & Residency Dubai, Majed Sultan Murad Ali Al Joker – Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs, Dubai Airports.
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