Finally Fred Amugi opens up on his ‘relationship’ with Rosemond Brown!!!

After months of silence, veteran Ghanaian actor, Fred Amugi has broken his silence over the allegations that he had an affair with rising actress, Rosemond Brown before he helped her enter the movie industry.
In a chat with Abeiku Santana, Fred Amugi explained that he has never slept with Rosemond Brown as alleged by the actress in her interview some months ago.
According to Fred Amugi, the news was shocking to him and his wife because they never thought Rosemond Brown could ever say something like that.
He further explained that he was under the same management as Rosemond Brown so they were friends. But when she made that statement, she ceased to be his friend again. Although he has forgiven her, he can never be her friend again.
“I was surprised when I heard the news that Rosemond said I slept with her when she came into the industry. The only question I asked myself was, who is it that wants fame and wants to tarnish my image and then I kept mute.”
“In fact, my wife also heard it and said the same thing; I mean my wife knows me too well. I honestly stopped certain lifestyles before I finally decided to settle down,” Fred Amugi told Abeiku Sanatana.
“I have never slept with her. The thing is that we are under the same management so yes we used to talk, prior to this, we used to communicate and that was it,” he added.
On how Rosemond Brown’s utterances have affected his life, Fred Amugi said:
“The truth is that she cannot be my friend ever again, I don’t want this to happen again. When it happened my manager called me to say I should just let it go, forgive her and all but it can’t happen, not that I have not forgiven her, I have but she cannot be my friend again.”
In June 2018, Rosemond Brown in an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manson on the Delay Show confessed that she slept with Both Prince Yawson (Awaakye) and Fred Amugi before they helped her when she needed help to enter the movie industry.
Akuapem Poloo told Delay that Awaakye and Fred Amugi were the only two industry players she slept with but aside them, she has slept with 24 other men.
The veteran actor, Awaakye came out in a press conference with the same Rosemond Brown to rubbish the allegations and accused Rosemond Brown of using his name to gain popularity.
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