HOT VIDEO: Kumawood Actress Strip Half Naked in New Movie with lilwin!!!

Some few weeks ago, reported that Kumawood actor, Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win was set to feature in a movie, Shuga Titi, a freelance model who is known for sharing explicit photos on Instagram. 

Being her first feature film, Shuga Titi had made much noise about the movie on her social media page. This irked some interest in the upcoming movie as many Ghanaians were wondering if Titi's nude persona would be replicated in a regular movie. 

Well, it seems the movie, titled 'Fraud Game', is done with and what many Ghanaians feared most is going to manifest. 

In a leaked video excerpt of the movie sighted by, Shuga Titi is spotted half-naked in two different scenes. 

While she stripped in front of some men in one scene, she is seen without her clothes lying on a bed in the other. 

From the short video posted to Instagram by @Nkonkonsa, one could not differentiate between 'Fraud Game' and your everyday adult movie. 

The video has sharply divided opinions of Ghanaians on social media since it leaked online. 

While many condemned the movie for being too explicit, others defended it and expressed their willingness to watch. 

@hawahsalifu3 called for further editing of the movie: "Aaaah this lady paa...How much them go pay you.??this should be edited before putting it on the market. Aaah" 

@diamond_baffour expressed his disappointment: "Aaaar so disappointed in this movie. How can that lady go naked ? Naa that’s not nice .. Ghanaian movies are going so far." 

@cdk_martin did not think it was worth it: "Sooo is it really worth it ??ewww like seriously naked urself for a movie sake when they complain the industry doesn't pay much woow guess dey tryna revive it through this explicit stuffs. my mind tho" 

@m_a_l_e_e_k_b_e_r_r_y called for its ban:"This movie must be banned" 

@caveconsult also had problems:"Why are they promoting the nudity bit? Content no asa!" But 

@manye.larley quickly asked: "

@caveconsult but u watch 50 shades of grey abi??? @thereal_afima could not wait for the movie: "Can’t wait to watch this" And so was 

@pep_kwadwo eager to watch: "nice. can't wait to watch it" 

Fraud Game, understands, was produced by Famous Films and it features other stars like Kwaku Manu, Umar Krupp, and Sandra Ababio.

Watch Video Below...............

HOT VIDEO: Kumawood Actress Strip Half Naked in New Movie with lilwin!!! HOT VIDEO: Kumawood Actress Strip Half Naked in New Movie with lilwin!!! Reviewed by GetinfoMedia on October 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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