Top Entertainment Pundit Jabs Hard on Sarkodie for Dissing Shatta Wale!!!

A popular entertainment critic, William Asiedu, has said Sarkodie’s choice of words in his ‘Advice’ ‘diss’ song to Shatta Wale is not right 

He said no one advices another person with harsh, insulting words - William hoped the new twist between Sarkodie and Wale would not incite their followers to violence

 A top entertainment pundit, William Asiedu, has said Sarkodie’s lyrics in his ‘Advice’ diss song to Shatta Wale is uncalled for. According to William, who is also the President of the Art Writers Association of Ghana (ATWAG), nobody claims to advice another person by using harsh words and insults. He was of the view that if the song is supposed to be an advice to Shatta Wale as Sarkodie has entitled it, then it should have been devoid of “certain words” he used. 

“You can advise someone without attacking him; the lyrics, for me, is the problem, but the beat is good and the rhythm is good. I wish Sarkodie had taken out the foul words of attack,” Mr. Asiedu said in an interview with GHOne monitored by on Thursday, October 11, 2018. 

William also feared that the new twist between the ‘rap god’ and ‘dancehall king’ could escalate to violence if their followers were not tamed. The song, he added, had rather boosted Shatta Wale’s brand and relevance, especially, in view of his ‘Reign’ album launch which is coming off on Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Though he believes the lyrics in the song are not the best, William said he is also sure that Sarkodie’s gesture was to support Shatta Wale’s album launch in disguise because “his [Shatta Wale’s] name is soaring” after the release of the ‘Advice’ ‘diss’ song. 

“This is show business and both of them have their names going up now because people are talking about them. This thing happened yesterday (Wednesday), and already people are talking much about the two of them,” William observed. 

Touching on claims that Shatta Wale is a nuisance to others in the industry, William said it is better for Ghanaians not to take to heart everything Shatta Wale does. He noted that Wale has said on many occasions that he stirs controversies to keep his relevance in the industry intact, therefore, people must not take everything he does or says seriously. 

“He has often explained his reasons for causing controversies, so if we understand him, we do not have to take certain things he does to heart,” Willaim Asiedu said.

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