Yvonne Nelson Runs To God After Delta Plane Fire!!!

Actress Yvonne Nelson was among passengers on board Delta flight 420 which caught fire at JFK Airport in New York, USA on Monday.
The flight, leaving the JFK International Airport for Accra, Ghana, aborted takeoff after observing an issue with the airspeed indicator, causing the brakes to overheat and the landing gears erupted in fire.
Videos online showed smoke coming from the underside of the airplane on a runway with fire fighters trying to douse the flight, creating fear and panic.
Some media reports said there were 250 passengers and eight crew members on board while others also claimed 205 passengers.
Passengers were evacuated from the aircraft via mobile stairs and no one has sustained any injury. Delta spokesman Adrian Gee apologised to customers in a statement on Monday.
“Delta apologizes to our customers onboard Flight 420 for delaying their travel,” Gee said. “We are working to get customers to their destination as soon as possible,” Gee added that day.
The airline provided hotel accommodations and meal vouchers, and travellers flew out on Tuesday night.
Yvonne Nelson who arrived in Accra on Wednesday morning shared videos and photos she took of the incident, as well as a video of US news report of the incident on Instagram and was full of thanks to God for saving them.
“My flight! So this happened to us. Thank you Jesus. #Deltapleasesitup,” she said underneath her post.
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