Yvonne Nelson Throw Punches to Gabby for comment on Ghanaian movies!!!

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has taken a swipe at Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, a leading member of New Patriotic Party (NPP) over a post he made on Facebook.

A few days ago, Gabby expressed his displeasure at some Ghanaian movies, asking the public to help make the creative arts part of the development agenda.

He wrote that after watching 10 Ghanaian movies he was appalled by the quality.

“I took my time to watch randomly ten Ghanaian movies and never felt so disappointed. It brought home to me one major deficiency in our development. The apparent lack of deliberate consciousness on the part of the creative industry in the development conversation,” he posted on Facebook.

“The presence of the creative industry appears at best peripheral in Ghana’s development narrative.” Our movies, our songs, our arts, by and large, do not impactfully plug into a greater development agenda,” he added.

Otchere-Darko made reference to how America has used the arts to profitably change their development narrative.

“For the best part of a century, has been deliberately used by America to push successfully American cultural ‘supremacy’ agenda; it has been used as an effective instrument of military or economic indoctrination,” he further noted.

The founding member of the Danquah Institute also asked “what has been the underlying consciousness behind our creative industry, if any?”

He asked “what role, for instance, can actors in the creative industry play to define and realize this whole important concept of moving Ghana Beyond Aid?”

“We must elevate consciousness in Ghana if we are serious about winning,” he concluded.

Yvonne Nelson who was obviously not enthused by Gabby’s post took to Twitter to respond to the him.

Yvonne Nelson’s reply

“Hello @GabbyDarko is your [post on Facebook] real?? If it is I’m also disappointed! A few of us are pushing really hard for this industry! Since our leaders have also totally abandoned the industry, we contribute too, just like nurses, doctors..etc”.

According to Yvonne, “people in high places just don’t know our struggles. It’s unbelievable!”

He added that it was wrong for the high ranking member of the ruling NPP to compare the Ghanaian movie industry to Hollywood.

“How do you even compare Hollywood to our industry! It’s like comparing our economy to theirs!” she asked.

She also noted that: “Kumawood has created jobs for so many people! It has put smiles on a lot of faces in our country! Your judgment is just so low! Disappointing!” Lastly, Yvonne said if the right structures are put in place, things will be better.

“Leadership!!!!! We need structures in place and some encouragement not this! What do we do when TV networks get cheaper content from India and Latin America?”

In recent times the Ghanaian movie industry has taken a nosedive – a problem stakeholders are strenuously finding solutions to.

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