Finally Osofo Appiah Reveal How he Ended up Being Assaulted!!!

Osofo Appiah who Allegedly caught in bed with a lady called Deborah has finally revealed how he ended up being assaulted by 4 men which he suspect was a set up to kill him.

A week ago a video of Osofo Appiah being assaulted and later stripped by a gang of about 4 men hit social media which according to the report he was caught attempting to rape a married woman.

Speaking on Kofi TV, the man of God Claim that Deborah is a friend he knows in Kumasi from Prophet 1's church for about 7 years ago till he leaved to Accra which at that time was a young girl. 

Osofo Appiah indicated that a man he knows in the United Kingdom (U.K) told him he wants a lady from Ghana for his son to marry, so he discusses with his brother about the matter which he said Deborah is now on Instagram and even has her number which Osofo took to contact her

From then he told Deborah about the matter concerning the UK man which she accepted and started talking to the man's son. 

Osofo Appiah said later one day Deborah call him saying she is sick which he send Gh40 for her to buy medicine but later call to demand his prayers. 

According to Osofo Appiah, he fails to go and pray for her but Deborah was still insisting that she need his prayers, calling him on phone several times but finally took the decision to go and pray for her. 

However, he stated that after getting to Deborah's house he stands at the hall and didn't even enter her room till she finishes taking her bath as he was still standing at the hall and didn't understand what was going on till a lady came shutting to ask why Deborah is still in-house and didn't go to school. 

The Pastor said, Immediately after the lady shuttered he could see all of a sudden two men coming towards him with weapons while others coming from different side asking him to take off his cloth which he indeed took the top off and refuse to pull the trousers down and they started beating him as the other lady who shuttered started video him.

However, Osofo Appiah has reported the case to police and investigations are undergoing and so he is waiting for the truth and the exact cause the case.

Watch Full Interview Below...

By: Emmanuel Sekyere Owusu/Owuscobi
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