An Appalling Rate Of Beggars!!!

In recent times, many people have expressed their divergent views on the appalling rate of dejected beggars in our beloved so-called country Ghana.
In fact, it is palpably clear that there are too many beggars on the streets and that the urgent solutions are found to this seemingly insurmountable the ease.
However, the increase rate of beggars in the cities could be due to lack of employment and other social problems. As a result, it is common to find strong and healthy people on the streets begging for livelihood. The economic crisis in Ghana today has forced a lot of exuberant youth who could use their youth more profitably for the development of the country onto the streets to beg.
Therefore, begging has become a profitable business that sometimes people pretend to be physically challenged or handicapped and beg for money. They do this not because there are no jobs for them. Others too have also been smart and have changed their style of begging; they print cards, envelopes and pretend to be deaf all in a bid to get money.
Moreover, what is disturbing about beggars these days is that they often cause traffic jams whilst collecting monies or sometimes force people to give them money and if one fails to oblige, then that person is subjected to insults.
I am appealing to the government and other benevolent to create jobs for the physically challenged youth and all citizens of the country. This will help prevent people from begging and enable them to contribute to the development of Ghana. May NANA ADDO”s good measures concerns the pauper physically challenged youth.
Columnist: Edward Frimpong
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