Notorious Robber Lynched In Kumasi!!!

A suspected notorious robber has left the world on a depressing note after he was lynched by a group of angry youth on Thursday dawn.
The incident happened at Oteng Nkwanta, which is close to Santase, in Kumasi, where the robber went to, under the cover of darkness, for a robbery expedition.
Unfortunately for the robber (name unknown), some youth in the area had spotted him and so he was arrested even before he could pounce. The angry youth, who perhaps are fed up with the robber’s illegal operations in the area, decided to kill him for their peace of mind.
An eye witness said they heard shouts of “thief, thief” around 3am when they were in bed but they were too scared to come out at that odd hour.
He said few minutes later they also heard someone, perhaps the suspected robber, crying aloud and begging his captors for pardon. The eye witness said when they eventually woke up from bed around 5:30am; the suspected robber was found lying dead on the roadside.
The robber’s two hands were tied with a rope and there were blood all over his body. The eye witness, who demanded anonymity, said there were big stones and some metal objects all over the scene.
According to him, the stones and metal objects gave an indication that the robber was severely beaten by his captors before he finally gave up the ghost.
He said the robber had terrorized the people in the area for some time now, and so he was not surprised that the angry youth decided to kill him.
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