CEO of GHAMRO Outline Major Challenges Facing The Organisation!!!

CEO of Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Abraham Adjatey has noted out some points and challenges associated with the music body and their plights.  

Speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hit on hits FM, the CEO sees music copyright infringement as a major challenge and headache to the Organization because a lot of these artists do not cooperate. He said "the work of (GHAMRO) is always not successful because some of the artists finding themselves in situations like this wouldn't come but rather send their managers which is a bad habit.

Mr. Abraham indicated that the first step one ought to take is to find the owner of the music before using his or her lines in their music. "If you're not able to get the owner, (GHAMRO) has a reciprocates of work where they can be able to find the artists whose music lines you want to use and come to an agreement. 

He claimed that there are a lot of musicians who usually seek the consents of their fellow musicians to use their words but don't adhere to monetary issues., he included that.

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He further emphasized on Synchronization right where he voiced out that, ''it is only the owner who will give you the permission to use the music in a certain format he or she wants because there might be illicit words which may not be palatable to him and he may decide.

Mr. Adjatey adviced that every artiste assigned his or her right into GHAMRO gives the organisation the chance to monitor and prevent any infringements towards his or her music and so GHAMRO can take the necessary steps when there is an act of copyright infringement with the artist's music and if the artists get information about copyrights of their music, they send it to GHAMRO so they will also act as a follow up.

By: Emmanuel Kusorgbor
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