Pastor Embarrasses Lady with Colourful Yellow Hair, Calls Her a Demonic Agent!!!

In Christianity, symbolism is a very important phenomenon. Pastors and men of God who are said to see beyond the physical normally read meanings into several things which might mean nothing to others. In a church service, a pastor recently gave another different interpretation to a weird hairstyle worn by a lady.

The said lady had plaited braids, which in fact, is a common hairstyle among many Nigerian women. But it was not exactly the braid that was the problem, it was its colour. Often time, braids worn by ladies are usually black in colour. But the one worn by the woman in question was a shiny yellow that was very distracting.
With this hairstyle, the lady took to attending a particular church pastored by a man with 'all-knowing, all-seeing eyes'. It was this pastor that spotted her hair out and gave it a whole new meaning which was not intended by the wearer of the hair.
After calling her out in an embarrassing way, the pastor announced to his congregation that the hair worn by the lady was satanic. According to him, the colour of the hair had a spiritual code that was functional in the kingdom of darkness.
Even more, the pastor was of the opinion that the lady was a satanic agent who was sent from the pit of hell to carry out an evil mission in the church.
The story of the colourful "demonic hair" did not end in the church. It was also propagated on social media. A particular lady named Treasured Mercy on Facebook shared photos from the church service that hosted the yellow haired lady. Beyond sharing the photos, she also shared her views on the matter which seem to align with the belief of the pastor.
Treasured Mercy had this to say: "THIS HAS TO STOP THIS 2019. LOOSE IT NOW!
#Pink, #Red, #White, #Yellow, and #Blue 
artificial hair are #marine #codes don't wear them again in this year 2019 if you did wear them the previous years.
I want you safe!
I don't want you possessed of marine spirits. WHY NOT KEEP IT NATURAL AND BE SAFE OF THESE POSSESSION; which happen to you without your knowledge? And many have been in bondage with this. Nothing seems to go well. Unwear those hair; God will save you! 2019 will be cute for you!"
Mercy's post and personal opinion attracted a lot of comments from many. Several people did not share her opinion. They had other views of what artificial, coloured hair meant. See some of the reactions below:

Pastor Embarrasses Lady with Colourful Yellow Hair, Calls Her a Demonic Agent!!! Pastor Embarrasses Lady with Colourful Yellow Hair, Calls Her a Demonic Agent!!! Reviewed by GetinfoMedia on January 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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