Shatta Wale Regret, Express Long Emotional Message to Michy and his Son Majesty For Forgiveness!!!

Self-acclaim Dancehall king Shatta Wale and his baby Mama Shatta Michy have been in headlines these past few weeks. News has been in town that his baby Mama has made away with his newly purchased range rover, their son Majesty and some other important documents and It was alleged that she also stabbed him too.

Shatta Michy seems to be threatened by the Dancehall king's words on the properties she had made away with. But things are in for good now, we hope.

True love does really exist in the thin air and of course, there's always some madness in it.  On a Snapchat story sighted by Getinfomedia, the Dancehall artist seems to be showing regrets for a wrong deed done.  As Alexander Pope stated, "to err is human, to forgive divine''.

The ''My Level'' hitmaker full of love pleads with his baby Mama and wishes her a farewell in life. He included he's always ready to assist her in whatever she needs because of their baby Majesty.
''I still will love you and care because of baby Majesty and I wil always be there as his dad to provide his needs. I know life and it course will never make you shatta michy fall but you shall attain your dreams and be that happy woman you want to be.
No one understands you but I do, so don't panic and feel like if we are no more we enemies. I have taken the challenge to be in this state of loneliness and still chase my dreams. Soon we shall all be happy in our worlds we have always imagined being.

I am not pissed tho is hurting and painful to lose someone you love but I want to endure the pain that came with a surprise and reach out to you here and let you know I have forgiven you so please do same so I can watch you smile in your new life

You can keep everything and also if you have left something you want I can arrange all that for you.. I understand how God works so please don't let us quarrel ok. Let's find happiness in this life. Am not pissed at all. I am ready for the challenge.

Even if you want the G wagon I will give you to add to the Range Rover all because I want majesty to grow and see you as that hardworking mother, bold and strong..Forget about things that ppl say about us.. we all sinners. No one is perfect.

Please hear me out so we can be good friends and no more lovers and watch build a future for our son. Someone will read this and say Life no be fair but I think life is a clear one. I don't want to sit on your happiness.

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Plsss someone tell shatta michy I will support her in anything she does and give her my best of support anytime.. she is not a bad person. I am ready to take this challenge at this stage of my life.

Just call kofi boat and tell him all you want me to get from the house for you or if you want to come for it yourself too. Please tell kofi boat. Pls kiss majesty for me as usual and stay strong. Good luck and God bless you''.

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By: Emmanuel Kusorgbor

Shatta Wale Regret, Express Long Emotional Message to Michy and his Son Majesty For Forgiveness!!! Shatta Wale Regret, Express Long Emotional Message to Michy and his Son Majesty For Forgiveness!!! Reviewed by GetinfoMedia on January 17, 2019 Rating: 5

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