Zylofon Media: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Staff Member Writes!!!

Today marks exactly 1 year i started working at Zylofon media as a marketer.
I received a call from a lady (HR) with a voice sweet enough to melt the hearts of angels;

“Rexford, you have been employed. Please report at the office by 8am”


I couldn’t hide my excitement, I called close friends, family and even said a silent prayer to the most HIGH. History was about to be made and Rex will not be left out. Hmmm
As marketer, an artist, beat maker, keyboard instructor with many years of experience in entertainment activities, working for Zylofon Media was just a dream come true.


Entertainment in Ghana was literally on life support and needed immediate resuscitation. Musicians, actors/actress had no major platforms supporting their arts. There were no record labels with the right financial muscles to push these artists beyond the *Togo boarder*.

Most artist in their struggle for survival metamorphosed into Instagram *slay kings* and *queens*. To cut a long story short, there was little or no *HOPE*.
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Lo and Behold, *Zylofon Media* came on to the scene. Entertainment suddenly had life. The structures looked solid, the money was good, the hype was heavy. Zylofon signees; *Shatta Wale*, *Stonebwoy*, *Becca*, *Joyce blessing*, *Kumi Guitar* and *Obibini* were all trending and their bank accounts experienced the joy of riches.

Even the late *Ebony’s* father, Mr Kwarteng had a few wonderful accolades for this generous empire (Zylofon). International organizations such as *BET* also had their fair share of the *zylofon dream* when zylofon/Menzgold sponsored parts of their award categories. *LIFE WAS GOOD*


Some of the *keys* on the Zylofon started *playing off*. The discord was hydra headed but will touch on a few.
The Frɛfrɛ kɔbɔ and Pɛsɛ’menko’menya” was fast gaining grounds and causing internal meyhem in the organization.

Both internal and external forces with PHDs in pulling people down were also at work and management couldn’t find any solution to these conundrum.
Every idea developed by Zylofon media (zylofon cash, zylofon studio etc) had great potentials but suffered premature death because long term planning was taken for granted.
All my life, i have never met employees with 100% passion for their job like some zylofon employees. But Practical solutions to problems from these employees fell directly on deaf ears. After all *Money no be problem*
As soon as the supply line (Menzgold) got hit by series of problems, Zylofon started losing its sweet musical flavors and the light at the end of the tunnel, couldn’t be found.

The challenges being faced by Menzgold (The mother company) obviously had a huge impact on Zylofon Media. Speculations about where the chunk of menzgold cash went is still anybody’s guess.

Since my duties as a marketer with Zylofon media didn’t extend to anything Menzgold, I am not in the position to discuss menzgold issues. In the spirit of not washing dirty linen outside, i will refrain from discussing internal issues such as non payment of *salaries* and *unfair treatments* metted to marketers at Zylofon.
For the past 3 months, all employees of zylofon have been asked to stay home until further notice. The main reason for this decision is that management fear for employees safety. Some Menzgold customers visited zylofon to protest oblivious of the fact that most of these Zylofon employees had their investment locked up with Mensgold also.
The fact is, things are systematically falling apart and the centre can no more hold. I am sad because its a great lost for Africa, Ghana and entertainment in general.

By Rexford Tetteh

Source: AmeyawDebrah
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