Sarkodie's Dj Mensah Penned Down How Ghanaian Artistes Can Sell Out at O2 Arena!!!

Sarkodie's Dj Mensah has relaxed to penned down how Ghanaian musicians can reign the international market and sell out at United Kingdom (UK) O2 Arena which seems become a challenge to Ghanaian Artiste.

Nigerian Musician David Adedeji Adeleke better known as Davido was last week in the (UK) O2 Arena perform to the delight of over thousands of audience which news broke that the "assurance" hitmaker has sold out the event. This seems to have caused a challenge to Ghanaian musicians as now it's everywhere that Nigerian musicians are taking over the world when it comes to music.

In a post sighted by GetinfoMedia on Dj Mensah's Instagram page, He questioned a lot of things happening the music industry and detailed how a manner we can take over the international market.

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He said "I have been reading from some blogs, whether any Ghanaian artist can fill up the O2 and suggestions that Gh Artists come together to push Gh music so as to fulfil that dream which is becoming the major challenge now for our Gh artists. Obviously, the O2 is the new benchmark now in accessing the clout and prowess of African artist?
This question of if indeed a Gh artist can really sell out the O2 arena has also and always been one of my internal deliberations. Even if we should bring ten (10) of our top artists, are we going to get 20,000 Ghanaians and non Ghanaians to buy tickets worth £50 and above to attend such concerts? What is the depth of investment in Gh music on the int. front?

I stand to be corrected, but I think the largest crowd ever pulled by a Ghanaian artist in the UK was the filling of the 4,000 capacity Briston Academy, now Briston O2 in 1994 which saw Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba performing on same stage.
The recent we’ve tried is the O2 indigo, which is a 2,600max capacity.I leave you to do the maths.
Congratulation to Wizkid and Davido for filling up the O2 Arena. The thing with Nigerian is, in every aspect of business, there is always one person who breaks certain barrier goes in and leaves one foot in the door way, keeps the channel open to allow other Nigerians in. no one is left behind.
But what do we see in motherland Ghana? 

I have been to Nigeria on few occasion and its amazing to see the love and respect young artist accord the seniors.
The sad aspect is how the core focus of majority of our bloggers is on negative stories and headlines, ignoring completely to bring to light the hard work some folks are putting in to push up the industry. SMH.
Whiles promoters are determine to push our music to outer frontiers; artists see that as an opportunity to over-price themselves, thus thwarting the efforts of these promoters.

Considering the fact that the O2 Arena has or is fast becoming the yard stick in the clout and prowess of the African Artist, the big question remain…how are we going to fill up (Sell out) the O2 Arena?
I think we need all stake holders,investors music of int. standards, gud promoters, quality videos, int.links & UNITY".

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