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Policemen In Ghana Sleep With Nigerian Prostitutes – eShun Reveals!!!

Ghanaian singer, eShun has revealed that there are very young Nigerians as young a 15 years practicing prostitution in Ghana and some police offices solicit the services of these prostitutes thereby allowing them to continue their illicit activities in the country.

In an interview with pulse.com as part of the celebration of International Women’s Day, eShun called on the authorities both in Ghana and Nigeria to fight and end child sex trafficking.

“You would see these ladies standing in some areas where prostitutes stand to engage in their activities. I have seen them in areas such as Wejia, Tema, Cantonment Roundabout, East Legon, Takoradi Vienna City, Kumasi Vienna City, Spintex Ecobank Area, etc.” eShun revealed.

“After speaking to many of the ladies, I discovered that several of them are Nigerians. The sad part of this is that most of them are very young girls between the ages of 15 and 16, maybe 17 years old”, the singer added.

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Recounting how this practice is denting the image of Nigeria and Ghana eShun say:

“I have learned a lot from the Nigerian music industry, been there countless times and Nigeria is and will always be a part of not just me but many Ghanaians.

“It is a beautiful country so it hurts to see these girls, especially at such a young age being involved in such activities.

“Anytime I see them I sometimes approach and talk to them, realizing how young some of them are, I imagine them being in school and doing something better with themselves.

“Even if it means going from door to door to do laundry, being a domestic worker to earn an income and start something on their own, perhaps even learn a trade to equip themselves for the future.

“This would be much better than engaging in commercial sex activities. I have younger sisters and seeing these young ladies is heart-breaking,” eShun lamented during the telephone interview.

Touching on how the police seem powerless in fighting this practice, eShun revealed how some of them sleep with these young Nigerians and hence set them free to continue their service

“Sometimes you see the policemen around but the ladies continue their solicitation as though they were not around. I feel if the police were doing their job well, we as a nation may be able to curb this problem.

“I once asked a woman who sells food near one of the solicitation hot spots about the situation and she said even the police patronize their services.

“I can’t fathom why girls of that age who should be in school studying are on the streets practicing prostitution?” eShun wondered.

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