Reverend Obofour Threatens To Torment Ghanaian MPs In 2020.

The Leader and Founder of Anointed Palace Chapel , Reverend Obofour has threatened to torment Ghanaian Parliamentarians during the 2020 electioneering campaigns by embarking on crusade to kick out the non performing ones.

He said he will not rest until constituents vote against non performing MPs during the 2020 polls adding that some of them are corrupt.

The wealth-flaunting pastor, promised to go after such MPs with facts to ensure they lose their seats and not return to parliament in 2021

According to him, majority of MPs are not serving the interests of their constituents who wallow in abject poverty but rather serving their own parochial interests.

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His comments come after some MPs suggested that churches be regulated to fish out fake pastors who are not contributing anything to the nation.

Rev. Obofour who welcomed the news advised his colleague pastors to also put government appointees and MPs on their toes to be accountable to the people.

In a video sighted by, he said, ‘They are able to speak about us but if we say something about them, then they say we are doing politics. They should regulate us, we will speak and Heaven will respond. I’m not afraid of them but I respect them, I’m happy that parliamentarians know me. I will torment them during 2020 election campaigns, the moment they are done with their campaigns I will also do my crusade and explain things to voters, we are not fools. I will tell voters to kick non performing MPs out. We all want the country to grow, I second MPs idea that we fish out fake pastors, they should bring their so-called regulations, to come and fish us out, we shouldn’t pretend we are cowards’.

Rev Obofour emphasized that God has seen his philanthropic works if MPs haven’t saying he pays rent for his congregation as well as make donations to hospitals.

‘We struggle to survive, I love every MP, but I love those who have Ghana at heart. The fact that we are powerful doesn’t mean we are have gone for any juju but God knows my heart, I’m in the country if I do something bad, I’m not above the law, I should be arrested. My mind is clean and everything I’m doing is genuine,’ he stated.
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