Miss Supernatural Africa Successfully Launched

On Wednesday 21st August, Pawa House Innovation LTD and National Commission on Culture Ghana successfully launched the maiden edition of Miss Supernatural Africa in Accra.

A beauty pageant which seeks to promote natural lifestyle and culture, especially among African women locally and across board by embracing natural beauty, fashion and consuming local healthy products.

The ultimate goal of the event is to create the awareness for the African women and society as a whole to minimize their inferiority complex and be proud of their natural God-given beauty / culture and also portray a positive image about the African identity to the outside world.

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At the launched 17 Beautiful Natural Ghanaian ladies were selected as the Ambassadors (Contestants) to Champion the affairs of Healthy and Unhealthy living style in Natural way, partake in educational activities and events that focuses on natural beauty, skin care, African Fashion, healthy living with self-esteem and Tourism to our natural sights in Ghana

Winner of the pageant will be crowned MISS SUPER NATURAL AFRICA 2019 and  Host the new Television Reality show called The, SUPER NATURAL TV REALITY SHOW, with the help of the other runner ups to promote African natural living lifestyle in all angles, as well as a Natural African Ambassador for Ghana and Africa. And also Brand Ambassadors for some natural products made in Ghana. 

The final event will happen on the 30th of November, 2019 at the splash Los Jay Beach Resort, Sakumono.

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